UPDATE: Pit Bull Takes A Bullet For His Dad, Now He Needs A Home Of His Own

Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 12, 2015

Update: 9/28/15

We are so happy to report that Kiko has found his forever family!! On Thursday, the brave and selfless pup went home with his new family!

We’re so happy for all of you! We wish you lots of slobbery kisses, playtime and treats!

might mutts forever home


Around here, we truly believe that dogs are heroes. Kiko is one excellent example: this Pibble took a bullet to the head for his owner. And he survived.

1 kiko

Now, Kiko is searching for his forever home. After surviving a bullet ricocheting off of his head during an attempted home invasion, Kiko’s owner ran into some financial problems. Sadly, Kiko was not brought to his family’s new home.

2 kiko

We covered Kiko’s miraculous survival a few months ago, and now we want to help him find his new forever family.

3 kiko

This 14-year-old pup is loyal, happy, adores loving pets and rubs, and hanging out on his dog bed. Since Kiko is a senior, it’s best that he live in an apartment or house that is not a walk-up. He should be the only pet, though he says he could be happy with another very calm senior like himself.

4 kiko

Kiko is also deaf, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be your true companion through and through. He warms up quickly to physical affection and doesn’t let his deafness get him down. And neither should you!

5 kiko

In addition to this pup’s sweet and darling nature, he’s now the star of his very own Instagram! @king__kiko shows off Kiko’s royal disposition and delightfully adorable personality!

6 kiko

He’s a true hero and protector because family matters more to him than anything. If you or someone you know needs Kiko in your life, please contact Mighty Mutts to find this fuzzy hero a heroic home of his own. Or, check out BarkBuddy to find the pawfect dog to complete your life!

7 kiko

For regular Kiko pupdates, follow him on Instagram.

H/t NY Post, Featured Image (left) via @king__kiko

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Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 12, 2015

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