Dog Refuses To Break His Bond With Dead Owner Even After Five Years

Written by: Michella Ventres

May 5, 2016

In Malu Mare, Romania a faithful dog guards the only place he ever called home wondering when his owner will come back. Sadly, his human is never coming back. His owner passed away five years ago.

faithful dog 2

Onlookers from the village have watched as this dog has sat in the same spot every day since his owners passing in 2011. Even though the house has been vacant, he reportedly refuses to let people past the main gate. Fortunately, he has accepted food from the local villagers, but Doru Safta, a local vet, told the local media that he would like to see more care given to this vigilant pup.

“Locals should create better conditions for the dog where he is, give him a kennel, feed him every day, give him water. […] Because taking this dog away from the place where he waits for his master is the worst thing people could do to this dog.”

Russian Dog

The bond this dog shared with his owner is clearly one of a kind, but watching him suffer as he waits for an owner who will never come back is heartbreaking.


Feature Image & H/T: Daily Mail/ CEN

Written by: Michella Ventres

May 5, 2016