19 Doggie Butts That Give Kim Kardashian’s Booty A Serious Run For Her Money

No better eye-candy than good ol' fluffy round dog butt, am I right? 1. Do you like big butts and you cannot lie?  littleaumi 2. I'll take one cinnamon roll and a hot steamy bun please. _daisythepug_ 3. This pup is so fluffy bottomed we can't even stand it.  lacorgi 4. Look, but do not touch... Okay, touch it. It looks so squishy. remy_ledoux 5. Check out the definition in this booty. bowwwowdaily 6. What're you looking at?  magicandhoney 7. Behold, the "drumstick."   piggyandpolly 8. Take a moment and bask in the glory of the view. emwng 9. Dat @$$... gloglix 10. Tail-less butts make for the best sitting positions. theobonaparte 11. Heart-shaped bums we love to love. 12. Look back at it. simon_says_woof 13. A gloriously beautiful sunset butt. orangecrushinator 14. Add a sploot to your butt to increase cuteness by 200%. georgiobassil 15. When "lazy butt" is a good thing. tank_bully_weaver 16. Much floof. Very round. Wow. zoeybear4 17. Cuddling butts. mmaths3 18. Make sure you get my good side. brokedaisy19. We hope your day is as nice as this butt! get_my_good_side_by_marustagram-d89i6ge 

Featured image via @lacorgi

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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