There’s A Very Simple Way To Help Homeless Dogs Enjoy The Holidays

Santa doesn't usually visit animal shelters. Partly because there are no chimneys, and partly because reindeers are known to cause distress and confusion amongst dogs unfamiliar with Western culture. Fortunately, you have the power to make the holidays a little brighter for the many, many dogs (and cats, but just because it's the holidays, don't get used to it) in shelters nation-wide. With the donation of a care package, shelter animals can enjoy toys and treats while they patiently await their forever homes. Contact your local shelter or humane society for more information on how to donate. To learn more about what kind of items make up the ideal care package, click here, or consider donating one of the pre-made packages below, many of their proceeds even go to animal shelters and other organizations! 1. Gift basket by Youhadmeatwoof care What it brings: Leash and collar set 30-pack handmade peanut butter treats Rope toy Cow plush toy The Ultimate Dog Lovable Lavender Shampoo Nylabone DuraChew in chicken and beef A super fun tennis ball Get yours here. 2. Gift basket by AbarkNapurr care What it brings: Squeaky plush giraffe Rope toy with ball attached Blueberry flavored dog treat Kong Air Squeaker ball Get yours here. 3. Gift basket by AbarkNapurr care What it brings: 9" frisbee Bacon flavored Nylabone Bone shaped chew toy Glow-in-the-dark treat ball Get yours here. 4. Dog toy bin by Harry Barker gift What it brings: Santa dog toy Reindeer dog toy Plaid canvas bone toy Tug & Toss rope toy Striped ball and three other play balls Get yours here. 5. Gift basket by Woofables Bakery care What it brings: 1 pound of dog biscuits 3 seasonally decorated specialty treats 1 package of training treats 1 MEGAbone biscuit A fun toy chosen by the staff Get yours here. 6. Gift tin by Gourmet Gift Baskets care What it brings: Maple bacon dog biscuits Peanut butter buddy biscuits Fleece chew toy AirDog SqueakAir tennis ball Knot rope toy Organic dog biscuits Get yours here. 7. Gift basket by Design it Yourself Gift Baskets care What it brings: Milkbone dog treats Snausages Canin carry outs Dog bone picture frame Busy bone Set of rubber balls Get yours here. 8. Holiday treat basket by Healthy Hound Bakery care What it brings: Peanut butter carob candy canes Apple oatmeal stars Breath freshening christmas trees cookies Chicken bones Get yours here. 9. Small dog basket by Purrfect Play Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 9.10.32 PM What it brings: Small hemp squeaky carrot Organic cotton tug Small orca toy Dog-friendly macarooons Get yours here. 10. Holiday biscuit basket by TreatWorhtyPet Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 9.45.33 PM What it brings: 35-38 handmade dog biscuits 1 oz. freeze dried beef liver 6 honey and oat dog cookies Bone shaped squeak toy Tennis ball. Get yours here. Featured image via: Daily Dog Tag

Greyceli Marin

6 years ago

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