Hilarious Photos Of The Moment A Dog Tries To Catch A Treat Will Make You Laugh-Cry

Everyone knows that their dog's face gets a little crazy when it tries to catch a treat mid-air.
But we've never really known just how insane their expression actually is. Well, now we can, thanks to German photographer Christian Vieler, the genius behind a brilliant series of photographs capturing dogs at the precise moment they (attempt to) snag a snack that's been thrown its way. By employing a special technique, Vieler's work illustrates the intense range of emotions that accompany just the mere possibility of a treat ending up in a dog's mouth. For the love of Dog, please keep in mind that the images you are about to see contain some major derp. But if you love derp like we do, you should definitely check out more of this artist's amazing work on his Facebook and Instagram pages. [caption id="attachment_79998" align="aligncenter" width="640"]You have been warned. You have been warned.[/caption]
Featured image via @fotosfreischnauze.
H/t via Daily Mail

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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