10 Dogs Who Tried To Chew Themselves Out Of Trouble And Failed

Reviewed by Tiffany White

February 2, 2016

Dog logic is a very special kind of logic. It’s the kind of logic that tricks dogs into getting stuck in dog beds and convinces pups that they don’t have to hide their whole body while playing Hide and Seek. Below, ten dogs who thought chewing themselves out of trouble was a perfectly logical idea.

1.This 2-year-old English Sheepdog/German Shepherd mix, affectionally nicknamed “Poppy the Destroyer,” who chewed through the front door.


“She’d basically ripped off the entire letter box and had eaten her way through the front door,” dog owner Ceri-Anne Lewis told “Her head was just poking out staring at me. She had a really excited look on her face like, ‘Look mam, look what I’ve done’.”

2. This Corgi who keeps chewing and getting stuck in Ramen boxes.

You would think he would learn his lesson from the first time.

3. This wiener who thought he could chew himself through this pillow


Wieners…always getting stuck in things. *rimshot*

4. This dog, who somehow chewed through a wall.


Although the dog had to be rescued by firefighters, he left with only a few minor cuts and bruises. His dignity on the other hand…

5. This Husky who chewed through a couch and was full of regret.

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“Oh, like you’ve never done this before.” — This Husky.

6. This dog, who has some serious attachment issues.


*Psycho theme song playing*

7. And this dog, who wants you to admire his handiwork.


“It’s conceptual art. You like?”

8. This dog who chewed the face off his Teddy

Texas Chewing Massacre 3: The Rise of Teddyface

9. This dog, who chewed through his dog bed.

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“But at least now I have a cool turtle shell.”

10. And lastly, this dog who chewed through a door because he loves you


He just wanted to check and make sure he didn’t leave the oven on.

Disclaimer: Separation anxiety can be serious. If your pet exhibits any of these characteristics, you should probably take them to the vet. After all, replacing chewed-up doors is expensive!

Reviewed by Tiffany White

February 2, 2016