18 Times Dogs Gave Dudes Extra Points on Tinder

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 13, 2015

You’re scrolling through Tinder and your swipe left game is strong, maybe too strong, until you happen across a set of pictures where an average looking guy is made spectacularly attractive by one small addition: his handsome, big-eyed dog. Maybe it’s because it makes him look responsible or like a sensitive soul. Or maybe, and lets admit it ladies, it’s because you want a chance to snuggle with that pup.

Here are 18 guys whose four-legged wingman help them get closer to that swipe right!

1. Size TOTALLY matters.

tumblr_mw3md4qMR81smszuco1_500Image via Tumblr

2. Because why not lift a puppy to get that flex in?

tumblr_mvjghi0zAE1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

3. Quick! Grab the nearest puppy! The girls will go wild!

tumblr_mvqt3oReae1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

4. Even Betsy was swerving John’s advances.

tumblr_mvj7j9b3KN1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

5. “Get out of my way Hooman! The girls are only interested in me.”

tumblr_mw1n6nJ8uu1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

6. Both man and dog: “This could be you, ladies.”

tumblr_mzal13qSLD1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

7. The unimpressed face on this pooch says it all.

tumblr_mvg0hjquij1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

8. If in doubt, give a puppy center stage.

tumblr_mxhmowUHar1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

9. Swipe right, swipe right, swipe right!!!

tumblr_mveg5nTX0g1smszuco1_400 Image via Tumblr

10. Only thing better than a well-traveled dog lover is a well-traveled dog.

tumblr_mva9ybCh0A1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

11. Hey, nice lap.

tumblr_myrwejy5vX1smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

12. Nuthin like a well-trained man + dog duo.

tumblr_mw9s1hweh51smszuco1_500 Image via Tumblr

13. Twinsies!

B47tbwNIcAAi3Oh Image via Twitter

14. And the prize goes to…

tumblr_mwfgsn6Hpa1smszuco1_500Image via Tumblr

15. Giz a kiss!

B3PdG6rCEAAILav Image via Twitter

16. Dean and Bruno: Such pensive.

B2R0B31IcAEyL81 Image via Twitter

17. Living the Pug life!

B9TyMztIYAAhODm Image via Twitter

18. “Check it out… We had our nails did.”

B4QA650IIAAq9nh Image via Twitter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 13, 2015