One Town Held a Parade for These Dogs And It Was The Best Reason Ever

On August 15th, chic pet expert Mrs. Sizzle threw an event for a pack of deserving dogs in the charming town of Bellport, Long Island. flyerdogsnightoutunnamed As part of this weekend's national Clear the Shelters event, "Dog’s Night Out" included a parade of pups from Brookhaven Animal Shelter. missizzle_MG_0816feat The pet fête featured a silent auction, as well as waived adoption fees from Brookhaven. poodlemrs+sizzle+robert+stoetzel Mrs. Sizzle herself cruised in a convertible with a cutie-pie called Ronald... ronaldMrs+sizzle+robert+stoetzel Happy hound heads hung out of car windows as the parade rolled on, delighting everyone in attendance. newman_MG_0868-copy pittttimrs+sizzle+robert+stoetzel Twenty-five dogs rode in the caravan, and nineteen pups were adopted as a result! We'll be there next year fur sure. :) pittiemrs+sizzle+robert+stoetzel
Featured image via Robert Stoetzel
h/t Mrs. Sizzle

Claire Beaudreault

6 years ago

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