11 Dogs Who Totally Sabotaged Your Special Moment

Sometimes humans commemorate their important life events, and leave dogs out of it. That's a pretty crappy situation, in our opinion. Can you blame these pups for their actions? Check out these photo...bombs. 1. “You think the baby's poop is gonna be bad? Check this out." pooppregBP 2. “Girl, it’s like you’re Kylie and I’m Kendall!” kendallpoopBP 3. "This is the LAST time you people leave me out of a family photo." familypoopBP 4. “2 carats? I got bigger rocks in my doo-doo." ringpoopBP 5. "I TOLD you I couldn't wait for the limo." prompoopBP 6. "This is what I think of you going to college, mom!" heymompoopBP 7. “How was your trip to the beach?” “Crappy.” beachpoopBP 8. "Yeah, I saw your Facebook announcement." engagementpoopBP 9. "Here's some chocolate to go with that wine!" kelleypoopBP 10. "Dude." boxerpoopBP 11. Here Comes Honey Poo Poo... balletpoop
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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