16 Dogs That Are Missing Their Assembly Instructions

If you thought that impossible-to-assemble particle board "furniture" from the land of lingonberries was confusing, just wait until you see these complicated dogs. With weird angles, disappearing joints, and stray parts flung every which way, these twisty pups need assembly instructions. 1. "Two people required to assemble."ikea-dogs-1 2. "Parts: Ears x2, Nose x1, Legs x4. Assembly time: ∞" ikea-dogs-2 3. "Clean spots with damp cloth." ikea-dogs-3 4. "Caution: fragile legs." ikea-dogs-4 5. "Step one: Unbox. Step two: Call professional." ikea-dogs-5 6. "New model ideal for compact spaces." ikea-dogs-6 7. "You're gonna need a bigger allen wrench." ikea-dogs-7 8. "Assemble outdoors to avoid messes." ikea-dogs-8 9. "Put the springy thing next to the furry thing." ikea-dogs-9 10. "Assemble on soft surface to prevent scratches." ikea-dogs-10 11. "Replacement parts available." ikea-dogs-11 12. "First, disconnect foot from head." ikea-dogs-12 13. "Don't bother assembling, it's just going to fall apart." ikea-dogs-13 14. "Caution: sharp angles!" ikea-dogs-14 15. "For best results, avoid teeth." barkpost-ikea-floralcouch 16. "Delicate parts included." ikea-dogs-15
Featured image via Loopdeloops/Imgur

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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