24 Brainy Doxies Ready For Sausage School

Back 2 School season is upon us, and these Dachshunds from the #WeenTeam are getting ready to Bark Back 2 School. 1.  "I've just remembered.... I don't know how to read." @valeriemartinphotography 2. "I already gave the teacher an apple and finished my homework before it was assigned." #teacherspet  @titanandorion #WeensBack2School 3. "I can paint with no hands!!!" Ariel Back 2 School 1 4. "Listen up, Weens! We are going to learn how to steal food off plates today."  normienugget Back to School 5. "The difference between me and Harry Potter is that I make this look good." Back to school Cooper Harry Potter 6. "Does this mean I get extra treats? " dudleythedappledoxie 7. "I decided to put myself through vet school. If anyone's gonna put things in my butt, it's me."  @loganbruce_shorties Logan #WeensBack2School  Jul 30, 1 47 05 PM 8. "I will not strut around like I own the place. I will not strut ar -- I give up. I know I own the place with these puppy eyes." @noodlethedachshund 9. "Those other Wieners would steal my dog treat sandwich from under me if given the chance." @SassyTheDachy 10. "This is my life now." Back To School Lele1 11. "Remember to vote for me, Cody the Ween, for President! I promise that no human will ever utter the words, 'There are no more treats.'" @Dachshund_Cody Back2School 12. "Mom, I'm gonna be late. You do this every first day of school, I'm sick of it." Lilo back2school5 copy 13. "You can't sit with us." DACHSTARDOGS 14. "These glasses don't make body look shorter, do they?" Chut back to school1 15.  "Welcome to Sausage School. First class of the day will be How to Housebreak Humoons." Yogi_doxie 8-3-15, 10 25 56 AM 16. "Could I have a sandwich for lunch instead? I don't really like carrots. What am I, a rabbit?" @scarleydays 2:3 17. "I'm swagged out to the max. Let's do this thing." DocBack2School 18. "I'm going to make so many new friends!" @baxterthebossydachshund BACK TO SCHOOL 2 19. "I'm ready to have Weenderful Time!" Sophia back to school 3 copy  20. "Why do we always have to take sibling pictures on the first day?"  @love_rosie_maxine BACK2SCHOOL 21.  "If you think I can carry all these heavy books, you have lost it." back 22.  "GOOOO WEEN TEAM! First Week back and we are ready to cheer for the Wiener Dog Races!"  IMG_4619 23. "It really hurts my feelings when you call me a Weenie in class."  Back to school bruno copy 24.  "This is the only word I can spell.... I guess I have to go back to Sausage School." Photo Aug 01, 4 49 26 AM

Happy Back 2 School from The Ween Team! 

Featured image via ABC News

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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