Two Wiener Dogs With Wanderlust Take Their Biz On The Road In An Airstream

Written by: Claire Wolfson

June 4, 2015

Hello fur-iends! My name is Bean & I’m the smooth coated lad in this photo diary from our recent adventures on the road. I’m the president of Bean Goods, a brand intended for Crazy Wiener Dog people like my paw-rents. My brother Van, the wire-haired gent in the pics is the Vice-President of our company. We recently purchased our first home, a 13 ft travel trailer named the Weenstream & we are taking our biz on the road. Van & I love traveling. There’s so much to sniff & a new place to romp & mark our territory everyday! Being the bosses of two humans isn’t the easiest job but somebodies gotta do it! We’re hitting the road again next week for the summer & will be driving across America from Portland, Oregon to Cape Cod, Massachusetts! You can follow our adventures on Instagram. Get in touch if ya wanna share some barks & treats along the way! Here’s some of our favorite moments from our maiden Weenstream voyage to California this month for our first PUP up shop of the summer season! WOOF WOOF!

1. Family Portrait, Portland, OR 

Mom & Dad are happy with our purchase! Van & I always wanted to do something nice for our humans.Bean Goods Adventures

2. Nap time, I-5 South

There’s nothing better than napping in Van & I’s opinion. We are perfectly content with spending the whole day in the car snoozing as long as we get to take pit stops & sniff out what state we’re in!Bean Goods Adventures

3. Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs, CA

This place was the paws! Ween friendly, lots of fallen french fries to lick up off the ground, & hot pups trotting around the pool all day long.Bean Goods Adventures

4. Salvation Mountain, Niland, CA

Dog is good. This place tripped Van & I out! We’re mostly color blind so we couldn’t figure out why our Mom & Dad were so into this place.Bean Goods Adventures

5. Special Delivery, Niland, CA

Dog is love. Our Dad thought this was the perfect spot for Van to get some shade!Bean Goods Adventures

4. Selfies With Mom

Mom took us to the top of this Salvation Mountain place for a selfie. We love selfies.Bean Goods Adventures

5. Joshua Tree, California

This place was crawling with critters! We caught whiffs of lizards, bunnies, & birds to name a few. Our ancestors were bred to scent, chase, and flush out burrow-dwelling animals. We felt right at home in Joshua Tree!Bean Goods Adventures

6. Giant Rocks, Joshua Tree, California

Van meditating at the Giant Rocks of Joshua Tree.Bean Goods Adventures

7. Bunking Up In The Weenstream, Palm Springs, CA 

We tend to take over any place we can catch some z’s. Our bed in our travel trailer is the biggest & best dog bed we’ve ever had!Bean Goods Adventures

8. PUP Up Shop At Unique LA, DTLA, California

After playing in the desert for a few days it was time to set up our PUP Up Shop for Unique LA. This was the first pop up of our summer Weenstream tour. We made lots of new fur friends & hoo-man friends too!Bean Goods Adventures

9. Greeting Our Fur-iends With Mom

Sometimes it’s hard being a foot off the ground. Van & I love when Mom picks us up so we can socialize with all our favorite humans face to face.Bean Goods Adventures

10. Good Friends, Best Companions, Always Together

This describes my bro & I’s relationship to a tee! Both of these shirts are part of my Mom’s vintage collection of dog inspired goods for WLFHND. She’s a crazy dog lady!

11. Chillin In Our Love Thy Beast Totes

We are obsessed with our totes from our friends at Love Thy Beast. As mentioned before Van & I love any excuse to nap. We’re so glad Mom brought these to our PUP up so we could snooze in between mingling with customers.Bean Goods Adventures

12. Somewhere On Highway 1, California

Onto the next adventure! After our PUP up shop it was time to start our journey back to Portland. We cruised up Highway 1 with Big Sur as our next destination in the Weenstream. Van was really into this drive. He loves being coastal on the open road. Bean Goods Adventures

13. Half Moon Bay, California 

Man, do I love the smell of the salty sea & sunshine on my face.Bean Goods Adventures

14. Pescadero State Beach, California

We stopped here for lunch & to stretch our paws. Here we are with our Dad taking in the view.Bean Goods Adventures

15. Big Sur, California 

Our last stop of our California adventure. We parked the Weenstream at a campground right on the beach & soaked in some salt in our fur.Bean Goods Adventures

16. Van Having A Simba Moment With Dad

My brother looks like a tiny lion cub at times. He plays the part real well here!Bean Goods Adventures

17. Golden Hour Business Meetings, Big Sur, California

There’s nothing better then golden hour at the beach. Van & I had just finished chatting about our goals for our company & plans for the future here. Bean Goods Adventures

18. Ween Team  

I asked my Dad to take a selfie family portrait before our departure. See you on the road dawgs! Peace, love, & wiener dogs!Bean Goods Adventures

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Written by: Claire Wolfson

June 4, 2015

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