How To Keep Your Pup’s Paws Safe All Year Long

Keeping our best friends safe, healthy, and happy is always a top priority as dog parents. Until recently, protecting our pup’s paws from the elements was not the easiest thing to do. Dogs generally aren’t the biggest fans of footwear. They prefer to go au natural… but when the pavement is steaming hot or the ground is covered in ice, bare paw is not always a safe option.

Pawz Dog Boots

This leads to a lot of missed romps and outdoor fun with Fido. Don’t let tough terrain deny your dog a walk in the park. Pawz Dog Boots solves this problem by providing safe and easy protection of your dog’s paws through colorful rubber booties your pup will love! They come in sizes tiny through XL with 12 pairs per package. Available HERE.

Here are some of the many ways your pup can benefit from Pawz:

Hot Pavement

If your pooch is a city dweller, you’re very familiar with the lava-hot asphalt in the concrete jungle during the summer months. Before you hit the streets, slip on some Pawz Boots and keep your pup’s paws from getting so scorched on the pavement! The rubber is thick enough to offer serious paw protection, while still flexible enough to allow a full range of motion.

Pawz Dog Boots


Whether you live in the country, the coast, or the city your pupper’s paws are bound to track crud into your home on the daily. Pawz Dog Boots are an excellent solution for keeping things tidy while protecting your hound’s hoofs at the same time. Made of 100% natural rubber, Pawz are biodegradable and disposable, so if Spot steps in something awful you can throw the boots away with a clean conscience.

 Pawz Dog Boots

Sand Irritation 

Believe it or not, some dawgs don’t dig the feeling of sand between their pads. Whether you have a diva doggie, it’s a super hot day and the sand is sizzling, or you just want to keep the sand out of your car, a pair of Pawz Boots will have you covered for all of the above.

Pawz Dog Boots

Ice and Snow

Keeping your pup safe during the frosty winter months is huge. If you reside somewhere where snow, ice, and sub-zero temps are common, Pawz Dog Boots are going to be a life-saver for your pooch. Snow days already make getting outside tougher than usual but us humans have it easy with unlimited options for protection against the elements. Now your pup can stay protected too! Pawz Boots won’t irritate your pup’s paws, they slip on with ease, and allow them to tread along any surface with confidence.

Pawz Dog Boots

Lawn Chemicals, Pesticides and Allergies

Between lawn chemicals, pesticides, and allergies unprotected paws can cause irritation with many pups. Pawz are not just for adventures in inclement conditions, they’re great for dogs with allergies or sensitive medical issues affecting the feet. Even if your hound hates boots, he’ll dig these sock-like slip-ons. Stop losing expensive dog boots, and start strutting down the sidewalk in colorful style.

Pawz Dog Boots

Claire Wolfson

6 years ago