Stunning Drone Footage Captures Man Risking His Life To Save Drowning Dog

Roger Cruickshank, a photographer who is currently raising money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health and Help For Heroes, captured the heroic moment when a man saved one very lucky pooch from drowning.


Roger was using a drone to film the gorgeous sunset when the incident occurred. A woman threw a ball onto the not-so-frozen Highland Loch, causing the ice to break and the pup chasing the ball to take an icy plunge.

Roger told the Daily Record:

I was using my drone flying over Loch Morlich getting the amazing sunset when a lady, misguided, threw a ball onto the ice for her dog to fetch. The wee dog then ran onto the ice about 30m, and then fell in as the ice cracked around it. We really thought the dog was going to drown and people started to scream. I kept the drone overhead to ensure I could help by knowing exactly where the dog was when a man decided to wade out by breaking through the ice and going to get him.

Luckily, both the canine and the man who saved him are safe and sound, but perhaps a bit chillier than they started.

H/t + Featured Image via Daily Record

Michella Ventres

6 years ago