$2.7 Million Pet Resort Is Like Disney World For Dogs

The "My Second Home" Pet Resort in Dubai cost about 2.7 million dollars to build--funded entirely by wealthy entrepreneur, Sanjiv Dihman, and spans nearly 63,000 square feet (that's about 18 full-size tennis courts), two-thirds of which is indoors. It is reportedly the largest pet resort in the world, with a second opening in the United Arab Emirates before Christmas this year. couch rooms Please note, I harbor not a single hint of sarcasm when I say I would choose this hotel as my Dubai vacation spot. hotel room w beds The nightly rent is $34 per pup for a 4-dog "dorm" and $95 for a presidential suite. Paint me excited, because it's impossible not to see this place through rose-colored glasses. According to Arabian Business the resort includes a canine boarding center and spa, 100 luxury rooms and 12 high-end suites (complete with flat-screen TVs and orthopedic beds, YES)... flatscreen ... a state-of-the-art agility course and classes... agility collage ... indoor pool, complete with tennis balls and life vests... pool collage ... first aid facility, and pet store (with nutritionalists for expert advice). supermarket There are plans to drop $10 million more to add an outdoor swimming pool and grooming center, otherwise known as Groomingdales Pampering Parlour. According to the man behind it all, Dihman says:
We were as frustrated as everyone else that there are so many restrictions and so few places [for dogs] to play. Thankfully there are some excellent facilities in Dubai, but we felt we needed to go a step further and create a world-class environment that focuses on providing our best friends’ most essential need - space to have fun, learn and interact safely.
daycare "My Second Home" has a team of expert dog trainers on hand for the length of any stay, and something tells me these pups will have no pawblem living in the lap of luxury. Go forth and woof!
H/t Arabian Business, Hotelier Middle East, and Yahoo! News , Featured Image via Arabian Business

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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