Labrador Retriever Dog Evades Police In Devious Tulip Beheading Crime Spree

Ladies and gentlemen, there's a criminal on the loose. And, the Dumfries and Galloway police are on it! 1 dudley Pawhaps you noticed torn up flower beds, "murdered" tulips, and missing-in-action garden hoses. Well, Dudley the dog, is the wanted suspect for this commotion. 2 dudley When a local man made a Facebook post to the police, Dudley was the first suspect named. Officers stated they followed a number of leads, which eventually lead to this lovable, playful perp. 3 dudley In fact, a "murder squad" was put into action on behalf of the tulips! No word if Dudley feels remorse for his cold-blooded cruelty on the tasty flower buds. 4 dudley Dudley has apparently been pulled in for question and will be facing "court time." Stay tuned for pupdates on this adorable rascal's verdict!
H/t and Featured image via Daily Mail

Stephanie Valente

6 years ago

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