Dying Woman’s Heartbreaking Last Wish Is Just To Play With Puppies For An Hour

Oregonian Leslee Kirkendall has spent her entire life loving dogs, so much so that her dying wish is simply this: To play with puppies. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer that has spread to Stage IV, Leslee had to find new homes for her dogs when she was no longer able to care for them. But now that she's in hospice care and knows her time is short, all she wants is to experience the innocence of puppy love. In a recent Craigslist ad she asked:
"This may sound silly, but I have adored and rescued dogs my whole life...I have stage 4 cancer and one of my last wishes is to simply..sit on the floor with a bunch of puppies and play with them for a hour and leave,,,thats all ..if you have a litter of pups around 8 weeks I can just play with no strings attached or be a bother let me know something in the milwaukie area,,,i am 56..and have ovarian cancer ..thank you Leslee"
Heartbreakingly, Leslee received only two replies but still hopes for a good puppy samaritan in her final days.
"It's not all that complicated. [Puppies] are sweet and innocent. That's all. I can come to their [owner's] house. My husband can drive me. Or they can come to mine. I promise not to be a bother."
If you have a puppy you can share with Leslee, please contact The Oregonian at the bottom of this page.
H/t to and featured image by The Oregonian

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago

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