These Humans Turned Their Pup’s Health Problems Into A Way To Help Shelter Dogs

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

April 10, 2015

Every dog owner has one major question they want answered: “What the heck is my dog thinking?”

If we knew the answer, we’d know how they felt about big life changes, like moving to a new house, why they’re not feeling well and what they think of being stuck in a shelter. The riddle of how to give dogs a voice is one of the epic mysteries of all time.

Rachael and Nathan Johnson have it figured out… Well, sort of.

Delivery By Digby YDD small

In 2011, the Johnsons packed up their home and moved across the country with their two rescue dogs, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake.

In an effort to make the move easier on the pups, Rachael set her boys up with a blog. Both dogs have very large pawsonalities, so they had quite a lot to say about their adventure.

“We wanted to show people how to safely move with dogs. Apparently, their personalities resonated with fans, and their Facebook fan base exploded.”

After much conversation around the dinner bowl about how to handle their newfound fame, Rachael, Nathan and the pups made it their mission to make rescues the breed of choice. Every day, they share images of dogs who have 24 or hours or less to live before a shelter euthanizes them.

2 traveling dogs at the park

Through Brickle, Digby and the 2 Traveling Dogs Facebook page, these pups can reach roughly 555,000 people. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, there are lots of happy tails and success stories.

Even though Brickle and Digby do all of the typing, they don’t take all of the credit.

“We know it is our fans who are saving lives, not us. And we thank them for that. We can all do something. That is what I try and tell our fans. This is our something.”

Sadly, Brickle found he also really needed to share his health struggles with his fans. After receiving a ton of support and trying every bit of advice, Rachael was at a loss for how to help him. Then, she started cooking Brickle’s dog food herself. It turned out to be exactly what he needed.

brickle 4
Rachael says,

“Within two weeks, his problems were gone. I knew others must be going through the same thing, and it was going to be our mission to help other dogs like Brickle.”

The Johnsons launched Your Dog’s Diner in 2012 with a line of mixes that pup parents can whip up in their own kitchens by adding a few simple ingredients, like fresh meat and eggs.

“The whole idea behind Your Dog’s Diner is that cooking for your dog is a rewarding, loving and healthier way to give your dog treats. You control the protein source and are assured what you are feeding your dog is safe. There are no recalls in your own kitchen!”

Brickle and Digby exercise major creative control over Your Dog’s Diner. If something doesn’t pass Sheriff Brickle’s taste test then it doesn’t go on the market.

your dogs diner 3

With an extensive line of treats, and more on the way in the next few months, Your Dog’s Diner gives the Johnsons another platform to speak for those who do not have a voice.

Right now you can purchase a 2 Traveling Dogs t-shirt to raise funds for Animal Luvrs Dream Rescue, which rehabilitates sick and injured animals. Next month, the Johnsons are partnering with author G.A. Whitmore, who will donate 25% of all of her book proceeds for the month of May to support the rescue.

As if saving lives and starting their own business isn’t enough for Brickle and Digby, they’re in top-secret talks for a book deal! It’s sure to be full of their very serious thoughts on pizza and playing in the dirt.

In the meantime, you can keep up with their deep thoughts on their blog and mix up some healthy treats for your own pup at Your Dog’s Diner.

Featured image via Your Dog’s Diner.

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

April 10, 2015

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