Family Dog Found in Rubble of Washington Mudslide

Losing a pet in a natural disaster can be devastating and heart-wrenching.  And that's exactly what the Kuntz family from Washington state thought they were going through when their house was demolished in the recent mudslides. Buddy, a chocolate lab, was left at home in Darrington, Washington last Saturday morning when his family left for a baseball game. When they returned from the game, their home was gone. Screen-Shot-2014-03-25-at-12.05.15-PM


The Kuntz family was searching through their destroyed home, which was crushed and moved 150 feet from its base, when they heard a whimpering coming from below the debris.  Moments later, Buddy was pulled from the rubble. Watch the video of the amazing rescue below. Quinton Kuntz recalled his feeling after finding Buddy to KOMO-TV.  “I just broke down crying, really happy that my dog was alright,” Quinton said. “I’m just shocked how well he did against my whole house falling on him.” Buddy was dehydrated and had a few scrapes, but other than that, he was ok. Screen-Shot-2014-03-25-at-12.05.35-PM

“We had one thing we could celebrate, after just a day of horror,” a member of the family told KOMO-TV.

The Kuntz family did lose their cat, but as they searched for other survivors, they found their Aunt Linda's cat on Monday.



To help the victims of the mudslide, people can call 800-733-2767 to donate or text "RedCross" to 90999 and $10 will be charged to their phone bill.

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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