Frank The Expert Advice Dog Answers All The Questions You Never Knew Your Dog Had

Contrary to popular belief, our dogs are not simple-minded stink bombs. They have insecurities,  curiosities, and deep, philosophical conundrums. Well, maybe not so much the latter, but they have questions. Questions that, frankly, they're not too comfortable to ask we fleshy, judgmental humans. The same way we turn to Dear Abby or Dr. Phil for help (although you really shouldn't turn to Dr. Phil for help), dogs turn to Frank, the advice-giving Frenchie. His Ask Frank video series features dogs' most pressing questions, and like the expert he his, Frank answers all most of them. Like the time he advised a dog what to do with an embarrassing nickname: Or the time he came to the rescue of a confused dog who didn't understand lick boundaries: But Frank also answers questions about himself, like whether he leaves his human's side... whether he remembers his last Tinder date. (Spoiler alert: He doesn't.) Who knew so many dogs had email addresses? So that's why my computer is warm when I get home. Too see all of Frank's expert advice, check out his YouTube channel.

Featured image via @fromfranktm

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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