Frenchie Struggles To Find A Polite Way To Turn Down This Weird Watermelon Gift

“Is it some kind of green play ball? Maybe I am supposed to bite it? What am I supposed to do with it?” These are just some of the possible thoughts going through this dog’s head as it struggles with the anomaly that is the watermelon. After biting it, pushing it, and scratching it all to no avail, our only hope is that when the video ended the owner cracked open the fruit and shared it. The poor dog deserves it after all the confusion it caused!

If he had so much trouble with a watermelon though, we wonder how he will take it when he is introduced to a cantaloupe.


Disclaimer: Watermelon seeds can be dangerous for dogs. Please remove seeds and rind before offering watermelon to your pup!

Adam Samuel

6 years ago