15 Tips On How To Get That Cool Dog To Notice You

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 14, 2016

You’re just grabbing your morning latte or sitting down to enjoy happy hour on the patio at your favorite bar when you see them: a super cute dog. You want to pet it, but how do you get their attention without looking desperate or coming on too strong? The dog-petting scene is hard enough to navigate these days. So here are some tried and true tips on getting that dog to notice you and, if all else fails, to break the ice yourself.

1. Play hard to get, like you’re not even trying to meet dogs.

1 Ignore

2. Use seductive body language, try slapping your thighs and whistling.

2 Slap Thighs

3. Dress alluringly in cargo pants full of treats.

3 Treats

4. Pet other dogs to make them jealous.

4 jealous

5. Drop something for them to pick up, like a French fry.

5 French Fry

6. Dogs have natural instinct to protect, try whimpering.

6 Whimpering

7. Tease them a little by fake-throwing a ball.

7 Ball Fake

8. Wear an enticing perfume, like beef jerky or other dogs’ poop.

8 Perfume

9. Send them a bowl of water from the bar.

9 Water Bowl

10. Smile and laugh, or make any other high-pitched noise.

10 High Pitch

11. Get a wing-dog to introduce you.

11 Wing Dog

12. Use a prop to attract their attention, like fondling a Chuckit.

12 Chuckit

13. Walk past them while maintaining eye contact and making those kiss-y sounds.

13 Kissy Sounds

14. Make a bold first move, like sniffing their butt.

14 Butt

15. They love it when you speak their language: just bark!

15 Bark


Featured image via @BecauseBrossy/Instagram

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 14, 2016