The 13 Greatest GIFs of Awkward Doofus Dogs Failing at Fetch

Reviewed by Griffin Shaffer

May 23, 2014

Most dogs are inherently good at catching objects.  It’s built into their doggie DNA.  However, for these 13 pups, the game of catch is difficult.  Very, very difficult.  Let’s take a look at the 13 greatest catch fails ever!

1. First, probably the greatest puppy fail of all time.  Seriously.  Cuteness overload.  And after the pup fails, he decides to lie there and accept the hilarity of what just ensued.



2. This one captured the nation’s attention and made us all say, “awwwwww.”  This Golden gives it her all, but can’t seem to conquer the Cheerio toss (and the expression on her face is priceless).



3. Next up are these two lovable catch losers.  Just when you think the smaller pup has been humiliated enough by missing the ball, here comes the larger dog with a sideswipe!  Absolutely amazing.



4. Who could forget this awesome video of a tiny dog who tries…and tries…and tries to catch a ball.  The intense focus on this pup’s face is enough to make us laugh for hours!



5. Well folks, it’s Nana the Great Pyrenees and her inability to catch treats!  You have to love the fact that the dog and owner keep trying, despite epic fails over and over.  It’s ok though, because the misses are hilarious.



6. So this one isn’t exactly catch, but I’m counting it because this dog actually believes it will get this ball.  My first reaction was concern for the pup, but once you realize he is fine and STILL going after the ball, laughter takes over…lots of laughter.


7. Not technically a catch fail, because there is no way to catch all those tennis balls.  However, this video shows probably the greatest moment of this lab’s life!  Now he has tennis balls for years and years to come.


8. Well, I give this pup an A+ for effort!  Unfortunately his landing skills need some work.  But this is a tough pup, and he bounces back up to retrieve the toy!


9. This is more of a “catch success” if you ask me!  But the first dog doesn’t seem to know what happened to the treat, unknowingly passing it to his buddy!  Reminds me of the paradox, “If you try to fail, and you succeed, which have you done?”



10. Who could forget the “Slowest Reaction Time in the World” dog?  I love watching this video and seeing the dog FINALLY realize the ball has dropped!  Pure greatness at failing.



11. Wow.  Try to watch this and not crack up!  The pup jumps with such fervor, but doesn’t even look at the toy!  But hey, maybe he was just ready for a swim.


12. I’ll give the dog this, that ball did come off the ricochet with some spin.  However, the fact that he jumps to get the ball, then turns away at the last moment, makes this an excellent catch fail!


13. Finally, this dog succeeds at fetch… But com-PLETELY ruins the game. #WhattaJerk 🙂

dog catch fail
Featured Image Source, all GIFs via Giphy.

Reviewed by Griffin Shaffer

May 23, 2014