The 9 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials…Featuring Pups.

Written by: Griffin Shaffer

February 1, 2014

As the Super Bowl approaches, let us take a look back at the most ground-breaking, hilarious and paw-sitively awesome commercials featuring our favorite four-legged pals!

1. The Chewbacca pup is fantastic. “May The Force Be With You.”

2. This takes the concept of “Man’s Best Friend” to a new level.

3. He didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose him.

4. Mr. Quiggly can run…really, really fast.

5. Dear dogs, remember to always LOOK before you JUMP.

6. This dog now has his own weight-loss infomercial.

7. This dog made the hooman an offer he couldn’t refuse.

8. Learn a lesson from this dog – No matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that poop and move on.

9. Remember, no animal compares to a dog…ever.

And here is one for the cat people.  I know, I know.  But c’mon, it’s still pretty darn funny.


Also check out this year’s Budweiser commercial and the Subaru commercial. 🙂

Written by: Griffin Shaffer

February 1, 2014