Heroic Dog Saves His Suicidal 13-Year-Old Owner From Falling Off A Building

Any dog ruver will attest to their pup’s unconditional love, but it always amazes us when hear of a pup coming to the rescue. (And in this case a rescue pup coming to the rescue of a human!)

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What’s On Ningbo reports that the above pup, recently-adopted Roman, stayed with and guarded his 13-year-old sister when she attempted to jump from her family’s 3-story apartment building in China.
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Not only that, as authorities arrived on the scene, the girl hung from the building’s ledge and Roman pulled on his young mistress’ skirt to keep her from falling. The girl reportedly suffers from depression. Let’s cross our paws that the ruv of Roman and her family helps her get through this tough time.


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Laura Hartle

8 years ago