After Surviving Severe Abuse, This Pittie Gets A Forever Home Just In Time For Christmas

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 23, 2015

Warning: some of the images featured in this article are disturbing and may be too upsetting for some readers.

5-year-old Rosie the Pit Bull is one amazing dog. She doesn’t have a very happy story, but thankfully, she recently got a very happy ending.

Rosie was discovered last July in her San Antonino home with wide-spread hydrochloric acid chemical burns to her face and neck. The acid was not only destructive to Rosie’s fur and skin, but it burned off one of her hears, horrendously disfigured the other, and left her blind. Animal Care Services in the area said they had never seen a worse case of animal abuse and torture. The man responsible has been arrested and is awaiting trial.

abuse 1

According to ACS field service director Audra Houghton, who is working on Rosie’s case, Rosie is:

Just totally a sweet dog (without) an aggressive bone in her body.

This docile dog, with fortuitous help from an anonymous donor, met with doctors who worked to help her regain her eyesight and repair the damage to her remaining ear.

abuse 2 better

Although a lot of the damage done to Rosie is permanent, the doctors did save her eyesight and she has slowly begun to regrow the fur on her face. After the news of Rosie’s abuse broke, many families submitted adoption papers, offering to take care of Rosie for the rest of her life. Just recently, rescuers cleared the Pibble for adoption and her new family took her to her new home just in time for the holidays!

Her family has already begun adorning her with love and holiday cheer, as noted by the festive sweater and seasonally appropriate hat!


We hope you have the merriest of all Christmases, Rosie! You deserve it!


feature image via Animal Care Services

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 23, 2015