Homeless Pups Strike A Pose To Bust The Stigma Of Shelter Dogs

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

October 4, 2015

A Polish charity, Po Psuta Moda, is proving that shelter pups have just as much sparkle and star quality as celebrities. They recreated stunning Vogue magazine covers with dogs as stand-ins for the models.

It’s pupmazing, adorable, and too funny.


Over the course of two months, an all volunteer team worked tirelessly to photograph 20 pups.

The dogs were dressed up to imitate some of the most popular covers of the iconic magazine.

The organization hopes that this photoshoot will encourage more rescue dog adoptions in Poland.

These pups certainly know how to work it! The Daily Mail also reports that nine dogs found their forever homes thanks to this photo shoot.

Po Psuta Moda’s Pawen Cichon told The Daily Mail that the charity wants to break the stigma that surrounds rescue dogs.

These shelter pups certainly take a photo worth more than a thousand belly rubs. 😃

H/t via The Daily Mail

Featured image via @popsutamoda

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

October 4, 2015