Only Child Husky Is “Thrilled” To Have A New Puppy Sister

When my parents brought me home from the hospital as a baby, my big sister reportedly took one look at me and told them to “take her back.” Fortunately, our relationship has since evolved, but that first decade was a real doozy.


And it looks like these pups’ parents can relate. When Loki’s parents brought home Lucy, a Great Pyrenees puppy, he was visibly… perturbed. Their mom posted the following series of photos to Imgur.

First you have the tiny ear blanket.


Then the curious puppy face with an equally indifferent Loki face.


A “Wait a minute, this is my life now” epiphany…


… and finally the instant acceptance by Lucy and earth-shattering realization for Loki.


In no time at all, Lucy’s oblivious smiles and Loki’s Resting Bitch Face made the rounds online. With a little help from photoshop, the good people of Reddit have turned Loki and Lucy’s photos into the perfect template for annoying sibling antics, dad jokes, and people who won’t shut up about the newest free-range organic deodorant. You can make your own with the template here!

Full disclosure for the photoset below, “Moon Moon” was a name born out of Tumblr as the result of a “What is your werewolf name?” game using the first letter of your first name and the last letter of your last. A post by the individual who got “Moon Moon” quickly went viral.

moon moon

Lucy is CLEARLY the clown in the family.

banker lost interest

She thinks she’s funny.

little husky

Or would that be punny?

tennis racket

Yup, punny.

catch fog

Hang tight, Loki. You only have the rest of forever to laugh at her jokes.

restaurant on moon

In a recent update from the pups’ mom, it looks like Loki might have finally warmed up to his little sis! There’s nothing like a pair of snoozing fluffballs to remind you just how nice it is to have a sibling… no matter how annoying they may be.


featured image via MaedayMaeday/Imgur

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago