These Charming Illustrations Capture A Day In The Life Of A Dog Mom

We dog moms love our pups. From morning to night, we're thinking about our dogs -- and our dogs are thinking about us. Along with illustrator Natalie Marion, we took a delightful tour of a world we know all too well: the loving, funny, sometimes stinky daily life of The Dog Mom. 1. This is how we say good morning. It's not easy waking up at the buttcrack of dawn, but then again, this is a very cute alarm clock. Good_Morning_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 2. This is how we walk. It's normal for our dog to look better than us. Like, much better. Morning_Walk_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 3. This is how we (try to) get ready. We've gotten used to uninterrupted eye contact. Even in the shower. (Actually, especially in the shower.) Getting_Ready_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 4. This is how we say goodbye (or not). We say we're late because of traffic. We don't specify that it was the traffic at our front door. Goodbye_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 5. This is how we go to meetings. Our head is at the meeting, but our heart is somewhere else. Meetings_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 6. This is how we run errands. Turns out the bank teller usually doesn't need to see our entire camera roll of dog photos, but obviously we show them anyway. Errands_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 7. This is how we "work." Everyone gets distracted at work -- even dog moms. Work_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 8. This is how we reunite. It's easily the best part of everyone's day. The_Reunion_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 9. This is how we do dinner. Actually, maybe this is the best part? It's a close second. The_Dinner_Dance_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion 10. This is how we say goodnight. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams... Good_Night_Kiss_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion [bp_related_article]
Featured image via Natalie Marion for BarkPost

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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