People Are Sobbing Tears Of Joy Over This 90-Year-Old Man And His New Dog

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 29, 2016

It takes more than you’d think to get the Internet to cry in unison with not a negative comment in sight, but Twitter user Jess Amante has managed to do just that. On March 6, Jess tweeted photos of her 90-year-old grandpa with his newly adopted dog, Penny.


Needless to say, people are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions.

We can’t tell whether it’s the pup, Grandpa’s on-point style, or the adorable pair themselves, but another Twitter-er (Tweeter?) big.Earl has resorted to typing in caps, which we all know means business.

Others are unable to stop crying—the cuteness level is just THAT high. We’re having trouble keeping the eyes in this house dry, too.

Grandpa Amante is a simple man. He just wanted a little dog to take on walks and keep him company in his assisted living home. Well, now he has Penny… and over 80,000 people cheering him on. And sobbing.

Jess’s mom even shared some photos of the duo on Facebook. Our hearts are so warmed they’re about to melt.

My father in law (age 90) just adopted a sweet dog! He is already in love with his sweet Penny girl

Posted by Debbie Amante on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oh, and don’t forget the photographic evidence of people’s teary demise. This girl was reduced to two mascara trails. There is zero shame on that face. We feel you, girl.

Grandpa and Penny are doing just fine (we’re sure they’ve heard of their Internet fame by now). If Mr. Amante decides to react on Twitter, I think we’re all going to lose it.

h/t The Chive, featured image via @JessAmante4/Twitter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 29, 2016