21 Times The Internet Was Totally Spot On About Owning A Dog

Our unique experiences with owning a dog are not as different as you think. Together we experience the same headaches, triumphs, and warm fuzzies as the next pup parent. Here are 21 more times the internet has captured those moments. 1. Mess with our dogs? Don't even think about it. tumblr_nuewlkkobm1tiivzko1_500 2. What college was like. aynqwBY_700b 3. Come on, Congress. Let's make it happen. tumblr_nuewljy9lY1tiivzko1_500 4. Our dogs are our zen partners. internet-dog-love-14 5. Who needs Xanax when you have puppies in flower beds? internet-dog-love-13 6. And this is why our dogs own us. 7. Heart...melting. COXQdp8WEAAhpow 8. Everything is simply better with a dog. internet-dog-love-12 9. Don't judge. Those party dogs have great stories, bro. internet-dog-love-11 10. Words to live by. internet-dog-love-2 11. Humans don't have puppy-dog eyes either. internet-dog-love-10 12. Why isn't this on a t-shirt yet? internet-dog-love-9 13. Accept our dog, or we can't be friends. internet-dog-love-8 14. Dogs are always on our brains. internet-dog-love-7 15. Why every dog owner eventually just works from home. 16. U-S-A! U-S-A! internet-dog-love-6 17. We believe it. internet-dog-love-5 18. Why do we have to go to work on National Dog Day? internet-dog-love-3 19. Someone got ahold of our bucket list. tumblr_nueiodhiVe1tiivzko1_500 20. Life is about the simple things. internet-dog-love-4 21. The truth right here. Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.30.07 PM

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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