Kai, The Shar Pei Abandoned At A Railway Station, Has His Fate Decided!

Kai, the Shar Pei mix abandoned at Ayr Railway Station in Scotland, won hearts across the world when a picture of him left behind with a suitcase of his belongings went viral. [caption id="attachment_35030" align="alignnone" width="640"]Image via Scottish SPCA Facebook Image via Scottish SPCA Facebook[/caption] The pooch's deplorable backstory made the situation that much sadder. Meanwhile, the Scottish SPCA stepped up and took Kai in. They also treated him for an eye condition. Alan Grant, of the Scottish SPCA, spoke to the Telegraph about Kai's rehoming process, with offers pouring in from as far as New York, Los Angeles, France, Spain and Philippines. [caption id="attachment_35034" align="alignnone" width="650"]Image via Telegraph Image via Telegraph[/caption] After sifting through countless rehoming requests, Grant says, they finally landed on self-employed hydraulic engineer, Ian Russell, who shared a genuine concern to help give Kai the perfect home. [caption id="attachment_35086" align="alignnone" width="638"]Image via Scottish SPCA Facebook Image via Scottish SPCA Facebook[/caption] Ian Russell spoke to the Telegraph about being picked to be Kai's new family:
"It feels like fate that I've been able to rehome Kai and I'm not usually a believer in things like that. I'm over the moon and very shocked that I was chosen out of everyone who wanted him. My Dalmatian named Mica passed away just before Christmas and I was left heartbroken. I had her for 15 years and she was the apple of my eye. We pretty much spent 24 hours a day together. When I heard about Kai I knew the little guy needed a break but I never thought in a million years I'd get him. I called the Scottish SPCA just to check he was okay and see if there was anything I could do to help. Fast forward a few weeks and here I am taking him home. I honestly think it was meant to be."
Watch Ian Russell share how he found his way to Kai below:
Countless dogs just like Kai, get abandoned or left behind in shelters on a daily basis. While this fuzzbutt was lucky enough to have his story told, many other pups don't get that opportunity. If you'd like to help pooches like Kai find their furever homes, bound on over to BarkBuddy. Your pup-mate is right around the corner!
H/t The Telegraph

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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