Neighbors Rejoice: Children Have Invented A Poop-Scooping Robot

Picking up after your dog is certainly not the most glamorous jobs a dog-parent has, but it comes with the responsibility of owning a dog. Unfortunately, some dog owners in Germany want to have all the perks but none of the drawbacks of pet ownership, which has led to the start of dog poo wars in different cities.

In this dog poo war there are two sides: dog owners who don’t want to pick up after their pet and radicals who will go to great lengths to ensure their sidewalks are poo-free. Tensions between the two sides have been building for quite some time, but recently have reached a boiling point.

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Reports of dogs being poisoned by tainted food and dog-poo being collected and displayed on landmarks have started rolling in, much to city official’s dismay. Many cities have imposed a 35 EURO fine for any owner that does not pick up after their pet, but this has proved to be ineffective.

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With no one else coming up a reasonable solution, a pair of nine-year-old boys have come to the rescue. Their solution? A robot that will sniff out dog poo and remove it.

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The pair was annoyed with the amount of dog-poo they needed to avoid on their walks to school, which inspired them to develop their robot as part of a school project. Together the students began to draw out plans for a robot that would be able to recognize dog poo then move in, sweep it up, and continue its journey to a cleaning station for disposal.

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Their class was so excited by the idea they have all come together to continue with its research and development. Some ideas that are in the works are an App and solar panels for the robot. They’ve even chosen a name for it – “Schweini-Robo.”


The boys believe their robot is a far better alternative to fining dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets, as they point out that some people don’t have the ability to bend over.

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This game-changing idea has garnered national attention, with the boys being awarded first prize in publisher Zeit’s World-Saver Competition. Their hometown of Schweinfurt, from which the robot gets its name, is also onboard with the idea. While the robot is not patrolling the streets yet, city officials say that if it proves to be an effective helper in the war on dog poo, they’re very open to the idea of putting it to the test.

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If you ask me, this is the coolest way to pick up after your dog I’ve ever heard of. I wonder if they’ll start to introduce personal versions for dog owners to take on their walks with them. I for one wouldn’t mind having a little robot take care of the dirty work that comes with walking a dog.

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Tori Holmes

6 years ago