Beagles Who Spent Their Entire Lives In A Lab Experience Grass For The First Time.

A group of Beagles have been rescued from a laboratory in Korea where they spent 5 years in cages and were used for animal testing. Because of their docile nature, Beagles are used in laboratories more than any other canine. Over 8,000 of the dogs are used in research in Korea every year. The Beagle Freedom Project, along with local Korean rescue groups, is working to change this. beag in cage Volunteers brought the 5 pups on a long journey to California, where they were freed from their crates and and allowed to experience fresh air, sunshine, and grass for the first time ever. The rehabilitation process will no doubt take some time, but the Beagle Freedom Project will continue to work to rescue these sweet pups.
h/t The Dodo

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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