Lost Labrador Gets Injured On The Streets & Walks Into Emergency Room For Help

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 27, 2016

Emergency staff at Community Hospital Anderson in Indiana received an unexpected patient around 5 A.M. Thursday, May 26th. See, these caring folks are used to helping humans with medical issues, and this individual was walking on four legs.

capone at home

The pup arrived by himself with an injured paw, shoulder, and neck injury, and a laceration above his eye. Doctors suspect he was hit by a car, and they briefly looked him over before making him comfortable with blankets and water.

Dr. Thomas Short (a people doctor, mind you) told FOX59, “He literally walked straight up like he knew he was coming to the right place,” adding that the pup was “a super friendly dog and he was excited to see people.” The pup even offered kisses to a small child who wanted to say hello.


Dr. Clay Ludlow, who was also on scene, said they took the “quiet, gentle and friendly” black Lab to a vet as soon as their shift was over. The hospital quickly posted a photo of the pup with staff on their Facebook page, in the hopes that the power of social media would help track down his owner.


And that it did. Nick Karagianis responded in complete shock. He commented on the page:

Thank you sooooo much to the community hospital team for taking care of my baby boy!!! I’m just waiting to pick him up. I was worried sick about him thank you again!!!

It turns out Karagianis and his dog, named Capone, were taking a 2 A.M. walk after a long day at work when Capone’s leash got wrapped around a telephone pole. As his human went to untangle it, Capone’s collar slipped off and he ran for the hills. Karagianis searched for him for an hour with no luck in the dark, and reluctantly decided to wait out the night at home.

“Usually he comes right back,” he said. “I yell for him, ‘Capone! Capone!’ and he’s running around.” Karagianis continued, “It was a dog checking himself into the hospital. It blows the mind.”

A veterinarian said Capone’s injuries will heal with time and a lot of love, and in another astonishing gesture of kindness, the hospital staff even paid his medical bills in full—on the grounds that he get neutered and microchipped.

Leave it to a Lab to be so calm and resourceful!

h/t IndyStar + featured image via Community Hospital Anderson/Facebook

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 27, 2016

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