6 Realities Of How Your Life Has Changed Since Getting A Dog

Having a dog can be ruff, but you know it's always worth it. Take a look at the way your life has changed since you got a dog! 1. Eating dinner at home. BEFORE: 001. before eating without dog AFTER: 002. after eating with dog 2. Coming home to a clean home. BEFORE: 003. before clean house AFTER: 004. after dirty house 3. Using the computer for work. BEFORE: Fund manager AFTER: 006. after computer 4. Going out on a Friday night. BEFORE: 007. going out before dog AFTER: 008. staying in after dog 5. Feeling sad. BEFORE: 009. feeling sad before dog AFTER: 010. feeling sad after dog 6. Life in general before having a dog. BEFORE: 011. life before dog AFTER: 012. life after dog

Featured Image via Dog Bones

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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