25 Pups and Their Parents Celebrating Codependence Day As Only Dog People Can

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

July 13, 1776

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We asked for your Codependence photos and videos, and boy did you step up to the call! Here are the three winners, and then 22 more runners up. Basically it’s 25 of the best examples of human and pups proudly declaring their mutual respect, admiration, and most of all, love. 🙂





Runners up:

1. Bath time be like…


2. Strong selfie game here.


3.Coffee + dog = a perfect morning.


4. Home is where the dog is.


5. When you’re ok with your dog using you as a chair…


6. Obsession. Love. A fine, fine line. Sometimes, there’s no line.

7. “YOU’RE HOME!!!!”


8. When your human posts embarrassing photos of you on IG but you don’t care cuz you love them. Also, you got the toy you wanted. #Success


9. So true.

10. You’re not a real dog parent unless you coordinate outfits with your pup.


11. Awwwwwwww.


12. Who DOESN’T dance with their dog in public?


13. Snuggles on the couch = perfect night in. Day in. Anytime, really.


14. “Lemme up! Lemme up! I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE!”


15. Rollin’ three dogs deep. Nice.


16. #YappyHoursBeLike




18. Confession: we think that about our dogs too.


19. Fashion-furward.


20. Their snoring can be oddly soothing…


21. That love is like, calendar-beautiful


22. Mo snuggles less problems is our new motto.


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Featured Image via @munchiediva and @hollygoeslitely

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

July 13, 1776