Lowe’s Hires Best Customer Service Guy In The Industry, And Gives His Human A Job Too

Here's your restoring faith in humanity moment for today. Owen, who has a brain injury, had been having a hard time finding work because he has a service dog. So, according to this wonderful Facebook post, Lowe's Canada hired them both to work in a new branch of the store. A spokesperson tells us that Owen is working in customer service, greeting shoppers -- and Blue the dog's new title is customer service canine. Lowe's even gave Blue his very own tiny orange vest, which the store's manager custom made especially for the pup. We expect Blue to be em-paw-yee of the month soon. 13336080_10157136200575347_8569718352083770079_n This Lowe's is in Regina, Saskatchewan, and seems definitely worth a trip -- to see this pair in action and thank this business for honoring the bond between Blue and his person. 13346783_1024566980960995_3042643439246564271_n If you live in the area, the store is having its grand opening tomorrow. Go and celebrate with Blue and his human!

Images via Lowe's Canada

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Arin Greenwood

6 years ago

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