Courageous Girl With Painful Blood Disorder Now Has One More Tiny Reason To Smile

11-year-old Breanna Neal is one smart cookie. Wanna know how I know? She tricked the Make-a-Wish fairies into giving her years of happy days instead of just a week at Disney World. That’s what Sophie, her brand new Yorkie puppy, gets to enjoy for many days to come.

red carpet

Breanna has a hematological, or blood, disorder known as sickle-cell, but she still finds plenty of reasons to smile. The whole family visited Banfield Pet Hospital in Waldorf, Maryland for Sophie’s very first checkup (which she passed with flying colors!), and they’ll receive a year of free care and unlimited doctor visits for the pup.

“[Sophie] adjusted fast. She was very calm,” said Breanna. She likes to play with my dad. She likes to get rubbed in between her ears and her belly and she likes to be held.” Well it seems like Sophie is in the right place!


Breanna’s mother noticed that Sophie has “brightened her [daughter’s] life,” and that “with the puppy around, it will take her mind off the pain.” Have we mentioned what a great friend a dog can be?

H/t Fox 5 DC

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago