Man Risks His Life To Save Dog Trapped In Ice-Cold Lake Water

Jonas Lundh of Sweden will go to the ends of the earth for his hunting partner Rocky, even if it means jumping into frozen waters to save him. Rocky definitely overestimated his abilities one morning while chasing after a moose—he barreled full-force after it and ran straight into an icy lake, unable to get out.


Lundh had lost sight of the dog and tracked the GPS device on Rocky’s collar, calling his name as he searched through the woods. When he spotted him struggling some distance away in the water, Lundh immediately dropped his equipment on the ground. Within seconds he submerged himself in the lake and swam frantically, pushing away chunks of ice.

Through the entire ordeal Rocky was still trying hard to go after the moose, who made it easily through to the other side. Lundh caught the action on his body cam—eventually, he grabbed hold of Rocky and pulled him to shore. All we can say is we’re psyched that Rocky is okay, and hats off to Jonas for going above and beyond to save his best friend’s life. We need more people like you.

H/t Mirror

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago