Miranda Lambert Can’t Keep Count Of All Her Pups In Hilarious Charity Blooper Reel

Written by: People Pets

April 14, 2015

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She has one hot husband and two shiny Grammys, but when it comes to the singer’s dogs, Miranda Lambert’s math can get a little fuzzy.


“I have four dogs from the street and two dogs from shelters, er, three dogs from shelters,” she says in this blooper reel, filmed in promotion for her MuttNation Foundation charity. “I can’t keep track!”

The country superstar, who created her charity in 2007 along with her mother Bev to help end animal abuse and homelessness, isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves to help animals find forever homes – and that’s exactly what she does in this video. The clip shows her putting up signs and running around doggy agility courses in the name of animal rescue.


But if she’s not careful, all this charity work is going to get her into trouble.

“It’s the problem with puppies though, they sell [themselves] to you really hard,” she says while cuddling one adorable furball. “Then you take them home and your husband yells at you.”

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April 14, 2015