When Nuptials Become Puptials: Even MORE Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Written by: Alia

July 22, 2014

Okay, so you’ve read the definitive guide to including your dog in your wedding, but you want a few more ideas for how to include your derpy pup in your nuptials in the most creative way pawssible. Look no further! We gotcha covered.

First thing’s first: gotta have a tailor-made puppy tux!

Puppy Tux

Image via Exclusively Weddings

Forget the father-daughter dance and do a mother-puppy dance!

Mother-Puppy Dance

Image via Rebekah J Murray

Instead of playing “Here Comes The Bride,” have your pups sing it!
A sauve doggy bow tie is a 100% necessary! Such fetch. Much style.

Doggy Wedding Bowtie

Image via Tumbleweed Clothing

Pretend you forgot the rings, then have your pooch swoop in and save the day!

Fact: Holding your fuzz nugget as you exchange vows will ensure a long, happy marriage! 

Wedding Pug

Image via Amelia Soper

And of course, a Pooch of Pawnor is a fantastic way to include your pooch in this impawtent milestone.

Bride-Puppy Smooch

Image via Todd Pellowe

Written by: Alia

July 22, 2014