One Country Named “Most Responsible” For Picking Up After Its Dogs

A survey conducted by the South London company Beco Pets named pup parents in the United Kingdom the most responsible when it comes to picking up their dogs' poop. Following closely behind are Spain and the United States, with France found most likely to leave the grunge work to others in a separate study. no pooping dogs sign   Co-founder George Bramble describes the changing attitudes regarding poop picker-uppers:
It is now widely regarded as something of a social taboo and to be deeply antisocial to leave dog mess around public places.
He adds that many people are shaping up and accepting their duty as dog parents---especially when it means being considerate of others. Sales of degradable poop bags soared 1,400% higher in the UK in the past year, surpassing 800% worldwide, and with good reason! scoop poop Petfinder sums up some of the best reasons why you should never leave a pile behind: 1. When it rains, your dog's poop goes right to the waterways... ew. 2. Dog doo + water = SO MUCH NITROGEN. This means less oxygen and potentially dying wildlife. 3. If the poop contains transmittable organisms (i.e., Salmonella and E. coli), you run the risk of feeding it to other people through the water. The same goes for parasitic worms that love to live in soil! 4. It's the law. 5. It's POLITE. No one wants to step in that. Also, why give hotels and other places a reason not to invite your pup? It just looks bad. 6. It's just plain easy, people. And look at the cute bag holders you can get! poop bag holder If you brought a dog into your home you agreed to be a responsible owner: for yourself, and for your community. Scoop that poop!
H/t Express, Featured Image via 3 Million Dogs

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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