Motorcycle-Riding Mastiff Is Chased Down By Police And Celebrities Alike

Written by: Marissa Rubenstein

October 17, 2014

You’re waiting at a stoplight in downtown Boston, and a motorcycle pulls up next to you. Glancing over you see a big wet nose, a bit of a hairy face, and… floppy ears? No, you don’t need to get your eyes checked. It’s Morgan the Mastiff and she’s been riding shotgun on her mom’s motorcycle through all sorts of adventures, including being chased by police, getting stopped by rock stars, and hounded by fans. Move over Sons of Anarchy, there’s a new queen of the open road.

How it all began; Morgan riding in a pedicab. Image via Morgan the Mastiff

So how did the five year-old Mastiff become a motorcycle fiend with tons of fans on her Facebook and Instagram? According to her mom, it all started when Morgan would get tired on her walks. Since you can’t exactly carry a Mastiff home, they started taking pedicabs around town. Then over time riding in pedicabs, combined with her mom’s passion for motorcycles, evolved into Morgan (or sometimes Morgan’s Mastiff sister, Olive) sitting securely in the sidecar, wearing doggles to protect her eyes, and a scarf to keep her warm.

Morgan's sister Olive posing for photos with fans
Morgan’s sister Olive posing for photos with fans. Image via Morgan the Mastiff

Everyone seems to want to take pictures with Morgan, and they’re often approached by fans who want to know more about the pooch. The pair has even drawn the eye of law enforcement. They’ve been followed by undercover cops, swarmed by detectives, and even once pulled over by the police; but not because the cops are catching on to Morgan’s rebellious ways, the police just want a photo op with the easy ridin’ pup!

Morgan talking her way out of a speeding ticket
Morgan talking her way out of a speeding ticket. Image via Morgan the Mastiff

It’s not only police who’ve stopped in their tracks to meet Morgan, even celebrities can’t get enough of her. Morgan and her mom were on the road one day when a man drove in front of them and yelled for them to pull over! That man turned out to be Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and he couldn’t wait to pose for a picture.

Just hang in' with Steven Tyler!
Just hangin’ with Steven Tyler! Image via Morgan the Mastiff

And he’s not the only one! Conan O’Brien wanted in on that action, too!

Sidecar ridin' pup Morgan with Conan O'Brien
Sidecar pup Morgan with Conan O’Brien. Image via Morgan the Mastiff

Morgan’s mom says every ride is an adventure for the pair. They’ve been interviewed for Russian TV and are working on planning a road trip across the U.S. You can follow Morgan and Olive and their upcoming exploits on Instagram and Facebook.

Morgan and her Mom on their way home
Morgan and her mom on their way home. Image via Morgan the Mastiff

Header Image via Morgan the Mastiff

Written by: Marissa Rubenstein

October 17, 2014