So… Grammy Winners Are Writing Music for Your Dog Now

Fans know Andrew Dost of Fun. has got a handle on the whole anthemic, up-all-night-til-we-see-the-sunlight genre of music, but it seems he's trading pop rock for pup rock! (Ok, so not actually "rock" in this case, but we had to go for that pun.) The multi-talented Dost penned a 4-minute tune for canine-centric tv network, DOGTV. The song and its accompanying imagery is designed to soothe a pup who's been left home alone. “I approached this composition project differently than I would for human ears. I made sure the range of frequencies and instrumentation were tailored to a dog’s unique sense of hearing and kept things musically more level and linear,” Dost said. What do you think? Would Dost's compawsition be music to your pup's ears?
h/t to MTV News
Image via Dogington Post

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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