Severely Neglected Dog Is Hopeless & Terrified – Until Rescuers Save Her Life

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 20, 2015

WARNING: This video contains graphic imagery that some viewers might find disturbing.

When Violet, a Shih-Tzu/Terrier mix puppy was attacked by another dog, her owners decided to try to nurse her back to health at their home instead of taking her straight to the vet. Her injuries included lacerations to her throat and ear, an infection, and a wounded leg. Needless to say, Violet’s owners were unable to help her at home and surrendered her to a shelter to be euthanized.

abuse pic

Thankfully, Violet was taken in by the amazing people at Vet Ranch Rescue, a non-profit organization of veterinarians who perform everything from vaccinations to surgeries on homeless or abandoned animals with treatable ailments/injuries in hopes of helping them find a forever home.


Violet was one of the most severe cases they had ever seen.

abuse ear shot

The vets were able to disinfect Violet’s ear, suture her open wounds, and bind her leg in time to prevent any long lasting damage aside from a head tilt she may live with for the rest of her life. She was kept under strict observation for almost two weeks, but slowly she began to heal and come out of her shell.

smiling violet!

In the end, Violet made an almost full recovery (the head-tilt still remains) and is ready to be adopted. If it weren’t for the incredible doctors at Vet Ranch Rescue or the selfless people who donate the money to make stories like this possible, Violet may not have had such a happy ending.

If you’re interested in donating to Vet Ranch Rescue, please visit their website. If you’re interested in adopting Violet – and giving her the happily ever after that she deserves – check out her adoption page.

Featured image via Vet Ranch

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 20, 2015