New Technology Saves Police Dogs From Hot Cars

Since 2007, more than 30 k9 dogs have died from being left behind in hot cars. That is a tragedy that needs to be fixed. Obviously the first step is education. No dog should ever be left behind in a hot car. But if it does happen, Radiotronics has made a device to save the dog's life. radiotronics The Hot-N-Pop Pro alerts an officer if he or she doesn't let the dog out of the car by beeping the horn or sounding the siren. [bp_related_article] If there's no response, heat sensors track the temperature. If the car gets too hot, the windows roll down, a fan turns on and the air conditioning automatically turns on. k9-hot-car-sensor The officer has a wireless remote that can open the back door immediately to release the dog as well. Hopefully this new device will help save lives. All of our law enforcement needs pawtection, including the k9s.

Featured image via WKYC


Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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