Does Your Dog Have What It Takes To Be The U.K.’s Next Canine Celebrity?

Reviewed by Morgan Greenwald

April 19, 2016

The only thing that dogs crave more than food is attention. Stop rubbing their belly for even a second, and they’ll paw at you until you pet them again. So it’s only natural that dogs would make ideal candidates for stardom — and Wagg Foods is making it happen!

You mean I can be on there?!
“You mean I can be on there?!”

U.K. pet food brand Wagg is currently on the hunt for the world’s next pet celebrity to star in their upcoming video. Via their owners, kings of canine comedy can submit clips up to 30 seconds in length on Wagg’s Facebook page. Wagg’s dog of choice will not only star in the video, they will also receive a year’s supply of Wagg goodies!

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In Lofthouse, England, one salon is offering clients free pampering sessions in preparation for their 30-second debuts. Carol Watts, owner of Heads N Tails salon, told Pontefract & Castleford Express: “I would be so proud if one of our dogs made it onto the set of Wagg’s reality show, so I offered to give free makeovers to those who wanted to audition.”

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Hurry up, pups! You have until April 24th to upload a video of your dog’s best moves to Wagg’s Facebook page. The competition is fierce, so a free makeover may be just the edge your dog needs.

As one owner said after taking his dog Doogle to the salon: “You never know — I might have the next Pudsey or Trip Hazard on my hands. Watch out Simon Cowell.”

H/T to Pontefract & Castleford Express

Reviewed by Morgan Greenwald

April 19, 2016