11 Things Only Insomniacs With Dogs Understand

It’s all I can do to go to bed before 2am most nights. I have a suspicion it’s all the caffeine, or those late nights staring at the various screens that I’ve already stared at all day. I do feel more alive once the sun sets. My dog, on the other hand, goes to bed at a normal hour. Any other night owl pup pawrents out there feel me? Maybe you relate to the following…

1. After 1am your pup is totally over the lights being on.

The electronics are messing with both of your circadian rhythms, probably.



2. The midnight munchies.

You’re getting your night cheese on? Pup might be tempted, too.


3. The ol’ binge paw-tch.

Your dog knows intricate plot points of House of Cards, and secretly wishes he was a Direwolf.


4. The morning walk is more like early afternoon.

Hey, noon is eight hours from 4:00 am!


5. That look of disapproval when you get home from the club.

Turn down for pup?


6. If you’re pulling an all-nighter…

You have someone to talk to out loud about whatever you’re working on/studying.

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7. When there’s a weird noise outside…

You’ve got someone to come along to help you check it out.


8. Not condoning this behavior at ALL, but…

Once in awhile you pretend that you can’t see where the poop landed in the dark.


9. Sometimes other humans don’t understand your insomniac ways.


10. Sometimes it’s just the feels keeping you up…

Night > dreadful sunny days.


11. Inspiration strikes at night!

You get your best ideas when you’re reflecting on your day. Pup is there to support you. Just turn the lights out, paw-leeeease?


Featured image via Will Brenner

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago