15 Items for Pup Parents Obsessed With Their Boston Terrier

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 27, 2015

Ah, the Boston Terrier, with his “come hither” eyes and “did you hear that?” ears, it’s no wonder these saucy pups have a cult-like following. We’ve rounded up a variety of prawducts for the biggest of fans, so you can keep your home, accessories, and self adorned in all things BT.

1. Marc by Marc Jacob Shorty Shoes, $228
Your dogs won’t be barking in these velvet Marc Jacob loafers, a statement piece as timeless as your love for your pooch.


2. Doggie Language Poster, $14

It’s true, you two already share a secret language, but this glossary, starring “Boogie the Boston Terrier” might come in handy when she’s giving you the silent treatment.


3. Boston Terrier Stay Classy Journal, $12.99

“Dear Diary,
Today Wilson woke up, ate breakfast, took a poop, took a nap, sniffed some butts, and then we capped off the day with 10 hours of fetch. P.S. I think he might be a genius!” Store it here.


4. Boston Terrier Love Ring, $140

This delicate ring, handcrafted from red copper, is a whimsical way to proclaim your ruff love.


5. Boston Terrier Fabric, $17.50+/yd

Make fun pillows out of this print, or use it as a statement curtain in your kid’s room. This is an item that you can use in multiple creative ways.


6. Basic Boston Tee, $8.90

A casual tee for the gal who has a not so casual obsession with her pup.


7. “Barkysimeto” Duvet, $139

Is it weird to sleep with your dog in bed? Nope. Is it weird to sleep with your dog in a bed that has a massive picture of your dog on it? Still nope, especially when it feels this luxurious.

Boston Terrier Comforter

8. iPhone Case, $9.32

Phone cases have become a personal form of expression, which is why I switch between my pepperoni pizza cover and my David Hasselhoff cover. Add this colorful case to your rotation so everyone knows where your heart lies.

Boston terrier phone case

9. Leather Wallet, $25.90

It’s just not safe to leave home without your phone, keys, and Boston Terrier embroidered wallet. No matter how much money you have inside, we all know that precious pup on top is priceless.


10. Boston Terrier Sailor Coasters, $24.65

I don’t know about you, but those Boston Terriers look pretty nauti to us! All the more reason to have a drink or four (one for each coaster, ya know.)


11. Ceramic Dog Mug, $25

It’s not what’s IN the mug, (coffee, tea, everclear, who cares?) it’s what’s ON the mug that really counts, and this one happens to feature a 3D Boston Terrier!


12. Terrier Bookends, $68.95

What’s better than one terrier? Two terriers! And this sturdy pair truly has your back…and your books.


13. Boston Terrier Portrait Pouch, $9.95

Just look at these three! They’re perfect! They’re certainly worthy of this here pouch, but we also think they would be a great tattoo…on your face.


14. Nail Decals, $6.95

Just imagine how tickled he’ll be when you guys are playing your favorite hand game of “A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea” and he see see sees 10 little reflections staring back at him!


15. Picture Frame, $13.99

This is the perfect frame for capturing all of pup’s big moments, like her obedience school graduation, and prom.


Featured image via Sara Purdy Photography

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 27, 2015

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